Why Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

With tough economic times in recent years, many business owners and managers are trying to do more with less and make their offices more productive. People are looking for ways to streamline processes. Often, we have been able to help companies improve productivity and cut costs by helping them upgrade and improve their print, copy and document handling production processes. Improving processes is an important step in making your company more productive, but what about your employees, your greatest resource? Did you know happy employees are more productive and more motivated? In fact, according to a Forbes article, happy employees [...]

Copying Success: How Sharp Helps Customers Again and Again

Purchasing new copiers and printers for your business, school or church can rank up there with other costly capital expenditures. After all, you want to choose office equipment that will meet your changing needs for years to come. When I have to make a big decision about a product or service, I usually start by reading reviews. I want to see not only how others have rated the product I’m considering, but also how they’ve successfully incorporated it into their life and workflow (or not). […]

Achieving Goals: It’s All About the Steps You Take Every Day

Craig Cramer is VP of sales for Copeco, one of Northeast Ohio's leading dealers of Sharp copiers, printers and office equipment. In this blog post, he shares his many years of experience with goal setting and planning, just in time for the New Year. Craig offers tips on how to actually achieve the goals you set, as well as how to help others achieve their goals.

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