Stupid Things People Do with Copiers and Printers

The year 2012 is quickly coming to a close. While you may be committing (or recommitting) to all kinds of New Year's resolutions – exercising more, eating less, kicking the smoking habit and more – we hope that you'll also give serious consideration to this one: eliminating abuse of copier and printer machines. Over the more than three decades we've been selling and servicing copiers and printers in Canton, Akron, Toledo and many other Ohio cities, we've seen a lot of crazy stuff. I've asked our service technicians to share the strangest (and, in some cases, funniest) things they've seen people [...]

Six Benefits of Letting Your Copier Tech Take Care of Printer Repairs

[av_textblock size='' av-medium-font-size='' av-small-font-size='' av-mini-font-size='' font_color='' color='' id='' custom_class='' av_uid='av-keaedj5m' admin_preview_bg=''] When our expert Copeco service technicians go out to service or repair a Sharp copier, they often walk right by the office laser printers. And, the truth is, we are also experts at taking care of virtually all printer makes and models. So, why not let us take care of both? There are many advantages to having your copier technician also handle your printer repair, particularly if you choose a managed print services (MPS) plan. An MPS is an excellent cost-saving measure if you're running 10,000 or more black-and-white [...]

Office Solution Software That Will Improve Your Business Operations

One of the great things about Sharp copiers and multi-function printers is all of the additional software and apps available to improve your business. Installing these apps using Sharp's OSA technology allows you to customize your printer to exactly your business needs. No more one-size-fits-all copier! From helping you manage your printing costs to improving your document workflow and keeping you compliant with regulations, there are software solutions for every size business and organization. In this post, we are going to take a look at two office software solutions that can help any business—those that manage print and copy costs [...]

Best of Copeco’s Copy Talk 2013

The goal of Copy Talk is to bring you informative articles that will help you troubleshoot problems, use your multi-function printer or copier more effectively, and help your office run more smoothly. In short, we want to let you get to know us a little better! Our talented staff has shared some great information this past year on the blog. To prevent that information from getting lost in the archives and deep dark corners of the web, we bring you the best of Copy Talk from 2013. These articles contain the best tips we've shared that are sure to help [...]

How to Quickly Resolve Copier Error Codes

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the Error Code Fixer! Smooth operations in an office are essential, and our goal is to keep your office moving and your equipment humming. Previously we discussed quick tips for clearing paper jams. In this post, I will give you some tips on what to do when you receive an error code. The best news about error codes? A major fix is not always necessary, as they can be remedied quickly and easily. You may be able to resolve the error code quickly yourself and become the office hero—cape optional. Although we specialize [...]

Before You Call For Copier and Printer Service

Just when you’re ready to print or copy that report you’ve been laboring over for weeks, you discover lines or spots on your copies. While Copeco’s service technicians for your Sharp copier and printer are always ready to correct the issue, you may want to try these simple tips to resolve the problem yourself—without having to break out your printer or copier service manual. […]

25 Years of Amazing Changes in Copier and Printer Service

Around the time when people were singing Bad with Michael Jackson and the ladies were swooning over Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, I started as a copier repair technician with Copeco. My how fast 25 years – and its swiftly changing technology – can go! Office Equipment Maintenance 'Back in the Day' The way we handle the servicing of copiers and printers today looks almost nothing like it did a quarter century ago. When I started in 1987, I often was asked to repair typewriters. Copiers made copies and printers weren't even part of the equation. Some copiers could staple, enlarge and [...]

FAQ: What Is the Best Copier for My Business?

This is one of the questions that begins nearly every conversation I have with a new client. How do I choose the right copier for my organization's needs? It doesn't matter if you own a small business, manage a department in a mid- to large-sized company, or run a church or school office. You still need a copier, printer or all-in-one machine that will do everything you need it to do at a price you can afford. The first place I always start is by asking, "What needs do you have that aren't currently being fulfilled by your printers and copiers?" [...]

Communication Is Key to Good Copier and Printer Service

Once you purchase or lease electronic office equipment, you have to live with your dealer's service department for at least three to five years. That can be a long time if you're not satisfied with the way the technicians do their job. I first started providing maintenance and repair for copiers and printers in 1992. Over the years, I've learned a lot about what makes the relationship between a customer and a service technician run smoothly. On my list, communication is #1. From scheduling on-site appointments to working through a major repair, a good technician will keep you updated at [...]

The Platinum Factor: What to Look for in Sharp Copier Service

In the world of equipment maintenance (pick any industry), it can be difficult to decide which technician to use. Your options include asking friends and colleagues for recommendations or googling provider reviews or even old-fashioned trial and error (which can get mighty expensive). However, there are some standards of service quality you can look for. In the automotive field, it is ASE certification. In HVAC/R, it is NATE. But, when it comes to copy machine and printer repairs, things are not as clear cut. So, if your copier is on the fritz and you are not using a certified technician (which I highly recommend), [...]

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