Where to Find Free Images for Your Documents

You are putting together a flier for your business, and you need a great image to accompany it. Where do you turn? Maybe you are working in Microsoft and search their images, but are unable find that perfect picture. Have no fear; there are other options out there! There is one caveat: Not all images on the web are free for the taking. Many small businesses and organizations will simply do a Google image search and pull photos to use from across the web. The issue with this is that photo could be copyright protected and you have no way [...]

Snacks & Solutions: Basic Scanning Tips

Where else can you find out how to increase productivity and also enjoy a complimentary lunch? I will be kicking off Copeco’s popular Snacks and Solutions event series Thursday, March 14 with a session on Scanning Basics. From 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our North Canton, OH, location, I will share a variety of scanning tips that will help you increase productivity and get the most out of your Sharp copier. […]

Five Reasons to Add a Content Management System to Active Directory

Many of my clients are familiar with and use Microsoft Windows active directory tools. However, for those who may be wondering what active directory is, I'll give a quick overview. Then, I'll provide five reasons why you should incorporate a content management system with active directory for a higher level of document security. What Is Active Directory? Essentially, active directory is a directory service that functions as a central clearinghouse for all authentication and authorization transactions by user, computer, printer and/or group. A system administrator can use it to control access to folders, documents, software installation, updates and more based [...]

How to Scan and Email Two-sided Documents on a Sharp Copier

When you only perform a task once in a while, it's easy to forget how to do it. Apparently, that goes for scanning and sending two-sided documents as a PDF file because I get at least two calls per month about this from my Sharp copier and printer customers. And since people are calling for this information, I bet they are searching for it, too! Hopefully, many of you out there will find this tutorial helpful. Process for Scanning, Emailing Documents with Two Sides Place your original(s) in the document feeder on your Sharp all-in-one printer. On the control panel or [...]

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