Stupid Things People Do with Copiers and Printers

The year 2012 is quickly coming to a close. While you may be committing (or recommitting) to all kinds of New Year's resolutions – exercising more, eating less, kicking the smoking habit and more – we hope that you'll also give serious consideration to this one: eliminating abuse of copier and printer machines. Over the more than three decades we've been selling and servicing copiers and printers in Canton, Akron, Toledo and many other Ohio cities, we've seen a lot of crazy stuff. I've asked our service technicians to share the strangest (and, in some cases, funniest) things they've seen people [...]

Big Bad List of Cool Things You Can Do with a Color Copier

Technology with multi-function color printers and copiers has come a long way. And because copiers use toner and not ink, it's more cost-efficient than ever to use them for many printing projects you would have sent to an offset printer in the old days. (Not that long ago, right?) You say, "Give me examples." No problem! Although I work mainly with Sharp color copier and printer equipment, I know other brands also offer the capabilities to create these products. But before you read any further, it's important for you to keep the following things in mind: Use the "thick" setting [...]

How to Make Printed Copies Using Different Types of Paper Inserts

Today's color printers and copiers can help you do so many things to create professional-looking documents. One that my customers ask me about from time to time is how to add page inserts (or insertion sheets). This can include various types of colored paper, tabs, heavier weight covers and much more. Here is a simple, nine-step process for how to make multi-page printed copies on a Sharp all-in-one printer or copier using various types of paper from different trays: Load your paper trays with the types of paper that you wish to use. Please note: if you want to make [...]

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Business Survival 101: Setting Printing Policies & Procedures

Yes, it seems as if businesses have policies and procedures for everything these days. But as a business owner or manager, it is important to have policies and procedures in place to minimize potential issues with staff and even customers. Not only do they help protect the business, but they also set clear guidelines and expectations for staff and customers. Think about all of the documents that are printed in your organization each day. Do any of them contain confidential information? Is proprietary information included in those printouts? Are employees permitted to print personal copies? If not, has that policy [...]


How to Create & Print Banners In-House on Your Copier

Save your business or organization money when you are in need of a banner. Creating and printing banners in-house is easier than you might think. In a previous blog post, graphic designer Jenni James shared great tips to help non-designers create an effective banner. Once you have designed your banner, it is time to print it. Here are the simple steps you need to take to print a professional banner in-house. *For this post we use Microsoft Publisher to create and print the banner. Other desktop publishing programs like Adobe InDesign could also be used. It's also important to note that [...]


So You Want to Design Your Own Banner?

We welcome guest blogger and graphic designer, Jenni James of Jenni James Design, to the Copy Talk blog to share a few tips with us non-designers who want to create a banner in-house. First things first. Do you remember what the acronym K.I.S.S. stands for? Keep It Simple Silly. This is the key for great, attention-grabbing banner design. I will go over three basic concepts, that if used correctly, will help you effectively convey your message to the viewer. Theses design concepts include fonts, color and proximity. Here we go! Design Concept: Fonts We have all seen signs or banners [...]

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Best of Copeco’s Copy Talk 2013

The goal of Copy Talk is to bring you informative articles that will help you troubleshoot problems, use your multi-function printer or copier more effectively, and help your office run more smoothly. In short, we want to let you get to know us a little better! Our talented staff has shared some great information this past year on the blog. To prevent that information from getting lost in the archives and deep dark corners of the web, we bring you the best of Copy Talk from 2013. These articles contain the best tips we've shared that are sure to help [...]

3 Ways the Sharp Aquos Board Revolutionizes the Board Room

Here at Copeco, we are always looking for solutions to keep you on the cutting edge of printer and copier technology. Enter Sharp's Aquos Board, which makes slide carousels, overhead projectors, digital projectors and white boards a thing of the past. This revolutionary interactive display system combines the traditional whiteboard, TV, touch-screen computer and projector, and creates an amazing multimedia center for the board room, classroom or conference center. The video below, from Sharp USA, gives an excellent visual overview of the Aquos Board. Benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board As you can see from the video, the Aquos [...]

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