Five Reasons to Add a Content Management System to Active Directory

Many of my clients are familiar with and use Microsoft Windows active directory tools. However, for those who may be wondering what active directory is, I'll give a quick overview. Then, I'll provide five reasons why you should incorporate a content management system with active directory for a higher level of document security. What Is Active Directory? Essentially, active directory is a directory service that functions as a central clearinghouse for all authentication and authorization transactions by user, computer, printer and/or group. A system administrator can use it to control access to folders, documents, software installation, updates and more based [...]

Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 5: Resources

I hate it when I download an app to my smartphone, and it drains my battery life, needs updates every other day and causes operating system problems. It's the same thing when it comes to good printer management software for your office. As I finish up this five part series on the topic of how to track printer and copier use, my final word is that you want an app that's not resource intensive. Of course, the first thing you probably think of when I mention resources is cost. A couple months ago, when I blogged about the benefits of a [...]

Six Steps to Better Electronic Document Security

The Internet has been called the Information Superhighway, and it certainly has revolutionized information storage and sharing for the better. However, along with all this mind-blowing technology comes the need for ultra-vigilant document security, wherever those documents may reside. No matter what business you're in, chances are good that you've got sensitive stuff to protect. When it comes to multi-function printers and copiers, most come with STANDARD layers of security. But, that may not be enough to keep everything safe. You have to consider the serious risks you open yourself up to if personal or financial statements, health records, confidential government [...]

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Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 4: Security

If you understand the benefit of good print management software (monitor copier and printer usage for cost-reduction purposes) and reviewed the apps that are compatible with your network (majority require a Windows-based server or PC), then hopefully you've had it installed and are happy with how it's operating. In an age of spyware and concerns about security breaches and stolen data, it's important that you feel comfortable with how your print management app collects information. I'm sure you would agree – your software and its DCA (data collection agent) should not be intrusive. If you didn't check on these issues prior to [...]


Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 3: Installation

In part one and two of this blog series, I provided an overview of the benefits of using print management software and what types of system requirements might be necessary. Today, I want hit the highlights of how to install a print management app. But, let me first share this caveat. There are many printer manager programs out there, and I don't work with all of them, of course. So, what I'll share is the installation process for the app we trust and use most at Copeco. It will undoubtedly have a number of similarities with other printer manager apps, [...]

Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 2: System Requirements

In my last post about cutting costs related to your printers and copiers, I discussed the benefits of good print management software that will give you a macro view (total print volume across your company) and a micro view (print volume, toner level, error codes, etc. from each device in the network). If you aren't sure why any of this matters, first read my post about how print audits improve efficiency of document production. But, if you're convinced that it's time to get down to business and reduce expenses related to printing and copying, then let's take the next step: system [...]

Reduce Printer & Copier Costs with App for Print Management, Part 1: Benefits

If you're an IT manager or coordinator, you probably are expected to keep your eyeballs on lots of different types of technology and equipment. Everything is somehow integrated into the network, right? While this is all done in the name of efficiency, it can sometimes be difficult to monitor so many systems and make sure they're delivering the speed and cost savings your CFO expects. One place where business expenses can get out of hand fast is with your printer and copier fleet. That's because very few companies have a clear picture of their total print volume. A great way [...]

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