5 Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing a Copier

We say it often on this blog: Purchasing a copier or multi-function printer for your business is a big decision. It is a decision most businesses do not make everyday, so you want to make sure you make the right one. In my 20-plus years with Sharp, I have seen customers completely satisfied when they have selected a copier that fulfills all of their needs. I have also helped many clients that made decisions that were less than optimal make better decisions for the future. What are the most common mistakes I have seen businesses make when purchasing a copier [...]

Copiers and Printers: The Next Generation, Episode I

Office spaces, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Sharp multi-function printers and copiers. Their continuing mission: to explore strange new corporations, to seek out new life and new technologies, to boldly go where no printer or copier has gone before. OK, maybe that was a little over the top, but Sharp continues to introduce innovative new printer and copier technology each year. We want to introduce you to the next generation of Sharp multi-function printers (MFPs). Tom Kappele, regional sales manager with Sharp Electronics Corp., shares his opinions below on new trends and features. New Features You Can [...]

Take Your Printer or Copier for a Test Drive Before Purchasing

So many choices, so little time! With a wide variety of choices available in printer and copier equipment, you want to choose the best option for your organization or business. Do you need document scanning abilities for electronic filing or sending? Do you only need to print in black-and-white or does your sales team need high-quality color copying for full-color presentations? Or maybe your biggest concern is ease of use for your employees. Whatever your needs and concerns, a hands-on demonstration can easily answer those questions and help you make a great decision. Having led several equipment demos during my [...]

When It Comes to Copier Leasing, Is Your Dealer on Your Side?

These days, you can lease just about anything in the realm of office machines and equipment, from all-in-one printers to the software that controls them. Because technology is changing rapidly, you may be thinking about getting a new copy machine or replacing an out-of-date laser printer. And, if you aren't currently in an equipment lease, you might be weighing the pros and cons of buying and leasing. Of course, both options have their advantages. When you buy a printer outright, it's yours. No monthly payments. No financing hassles. However, the purchase of a high-dollar, all-in-one printer can certainly put a [...]

Achieving Goals: It’s All About the Steps You Take Every Day

Craig Cramer is VP of sales for Copeco, one of Northeast Ohio's leading dealers of Sharp copiers, printers and office equipment. In this blog post, he shares his many years of experience with goal setting and planning, just in time for the New Year. Craig offers tips on how to actually achieve the goals you set, as well as how to help others achieve their goals.

Six Tips on Building a Successful Outside Sales Team

If you're building an outside sales team, hopefully you're not starting over from scratch. It's so important to be able to rely on your sales leaders, especially during a season of transition. Throughout my lengthy sales career, I've been through a number of such transitional periods, and I'd like to share these six tips that I've personally used to develop successful outside sales teams. #1: Introduce New Hires to Your Sales Leaders If I asked you who your sales leaders are, you could probably name them off the top of your head. These are the people who have been successful over [...]

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