Big Bad List of Cool Things You Can Do with a Color Copier

Technology with multi-function color printers and copiers has come a long way. And because copiers use toner and not ink, it's more cost-efficient than ever to use them for many printing projects you would have sent to an offset printer in the old days. (Not that long ago, right?) You say, "Give me examples." No problem! Although I work mainly with Sharp color copier and printer equipment, I know other brands also offer the capabilities to create these products. But before you read any further, it's important for you to keep the following things in mind: Use the "thick" setting [...]

How to Make Printed Copies Using Different Types of Paper Inserts

Today's color printers and copiers can help you do so many things to create professional-looking documents. One that my customers ask me about from time to time is how to add page inserts (or insertion sheets). This can include various types of colored paper, tabs, heavier weight covers and much more. Here is a simple, nine-step process for how to make multi-page printed copies on a Sharp all-in-one printer or copier using various types of paper from different trays: Load your paper trays with the types of paper that you wish to use. Please note: if you want to make [...]

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So You Want to Design Your Own Banner?

We welcome guest blogger and graphic designer, Jenni James of Jenni James Design, to the Copy Talk blog to share a few tips with us non-designers who want to create a banner in-house. First things first. Do you remember what the acronym K.I.S.S. stands for? Keep It Simple Silly. This is the key for great, attention-grabbing banner design. I will go over three basic concepts, that if used correctly, will help you effectively convey your message to the viewer. Theses design concepts include fonts, color and proximity. Here we go! Design Concept: Fonts We have all seen signs or banners [...]

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Snacks & Solutions Is Back with Free Training for 2014

Every business struggles to find time for employee training. We are here to help you learn and get the most from your Sharp copiers and printers. Our ever-popular Snacks & Solutions training series is back for another season in 2014. March to August, you can join us on the second Thursday of the month at 11:45 a.m. to get up to speed on topics that will help your office shift into the fast lane. Did we mention that lunch is included and it is free? Yes, there really is such a thing as a free lunch! We have been working [...]


3 Ways the Sharp Aquos Board Revolutionizes the Board Room

Here at Copeco, we are always looking for solutions to keep you on the cutting edge of printer and copier technology. Enter Sharp's Aquos Board, which makes slide carousels, overhead projectors, digital projectors and white boards a thing of the past. This revolutionary interactive display system combines the traditional whiteboard, TV, touch-screen computer and projector, and creates an amazing multimedia center for the board room, classroom or conference center. The video below, from Sharp USA, gives an excellent visual overview of the Aquos Board. Benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board As you can see from the video, the Aquos [...]

Take Your Printer or Copier for a Test Drive Before Purchasing

So many choices, so little time! With a wide variety of choices available in printer and copier equipment, you want to choose the best option for your organization or business. Do you need document scanning abilities for electronic filing or sending? Do you only need to print in black-and-white or does your sales team need high-quality color copying for full-color presentations? Or maybe your biggest concern is ease of use for your employees. Whatever your needs and concerns, a hands-on demonstration can easily answer those questions and help you make a great decision. Having led several equipment demos during my [...]

How to Use Specialized Printing Functions on Your Sharp Copier

You have worked long and hard on that report for your new client. Now is the time to make sure you wow them with a report that looks as professional as it reads—after all, presentation is everything! An easy way to showcase your efforts is to use paper of a different thickness for the front and back pages of your report. Copeco’s Sharp copiers and printers offer a convenient way to do just that. With a few simple steps, you can program your Sharp copier to pull paper from different trays while still printing the job in order. The result [...]

Snacks & Solutions: Get the Most From Your Sharp Printers and Copiers

We were excited to host this year’s first Snacks & Solutions training event at Copeco’s North Canton, OH, location March 14. If you did not attend, you missed a great free lunch! Most importantly, attendees received some insightful training on Basic Scanning and how using that feature on their Sharp printers and copiers can help increase productivity. […]

Snacks & Solutions: Basic Scanning Tips

Where else can you find out how to increase productivity and also enjoy a complimentary lunch? I will be kicking off Copeco’s popular Snacks and Solutions event series Thursday, March 14 with a session on Scanning Basics. From 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. at our North Canton, OH, location, I will share a variety of scanning tips that will help you increase productivity and get the most out of your Sharp copier. […]

How to Print a Single Envelope from Word using a Sharp Copier

Sometimes you just want simple. Like an "old-fashioned" cell phone that just made calls. Or a remote control with three functions: power, channels and volume. Or Internet dial-up with AOL. (Well, maybe not that last one.) For example, perhaps you need to print one envelope only, not an entire mail-merged list. If you own a Sharp copier or printer, I've got good news for you. This process truly is simple. Here's how... On your computer: Open a new Word document. If you have an older version of Word (prior to 2007), select "Tools," then "Letters and Mailings" and then "Envelopes [...]

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