Toner Recycling

As a part of our commitment to the environment, Copeco and Sharp Electronics offers our customers zero waste toner recycling for all Sharp products, including: cartridges, bottles, toner collection containers and drum units.

What If I Do Not Want To Use The Bulk Recycling Option?

For customers that use cartridges on a low volume basis, or do not wish to use the bulk collection/shipping option, Sharp will provide all recycling services but you will be responsible for the shipping costs to the recycling center.

Please ship your recyclables to:
Sharp Recycling
2051 Meridian Place
Hebron, KY 41408

What Is Included In The Recycling Kit?

3 pre-labeled collection / shipping cartons, 3 plastic bags to line the carton and 3 zip ties to close the liner prior to shipping.

How Do I Order A Recycling Kit?

A recycling kit can be ordered by clicking on the “Order a Bulk Recycling Kit” link on the Stop, Drop, Recycle web page:

How Should I Pack The Used Cartridges?

The recycling kit includes cartons, liner bags and zip ties. First, assemble the carton according to the instructions and insert the side flaps. Next, place the liner bag inside the carton and close the top flap (with opening). Deposit used supplies into the lined carton.

Do I still need to visit the website to download a shipping label?

No, for your convenience, the collection / shipping cartons are shipped labeled with a pre-paid FedEx shipping label.

What Do I Do When The Carton Is Full?

Secure the liner bag with the zip tie, re-position top flaps so that the shipping label is exposed and tape closed. The carton is ready for shipment. Leave for your FedEx driver.

What Supply Items Are Recyclable?

Sharp copier, printer and fax toner cartridges, waste toner containers and drum units are recyclable. The Sharp Toner Recycling Program is intended for Sharp products only. Sharp reserves the right to charge back those customers who ship non-Sharp products.

Why Should I Ship Used Cartridges In Bulk?

You can help us further reduce our carbon footprint by conserving energy and resources by collecting toner cartridges in the collection/shipping containers. After careful consideration and review of all costs associated with our recycling efforts, Sharp now offers a more comprehensive recycling program that includes all types of supply items by requiring more efficient bulk shipping. This new program is also more convenient for you because the recycling kit includes everything you need to return your cartridges, including labels. Convenient and eco-friendly are the names of Copeco and Sharp’s recycling game!

What If I Do Not Have Regular FedEx Service At My Location?

The sealed carton can be brought to a FedEx drop-off location. View authorized FedEx locations. If you do not have regular FedEx service at your location, please call 866-265-6906 to schedule a pick up.

How Will FedEx Be Notified That I Have A Shipment Of Cartridges Ready For Pick Up?

You do not have to notify FedEx that the carton is ready for pick up. You should leave the package for your regular FedEx driver. If you do not have daily FedEx pick ups or deliveries at your location, you can take the package to a FedEx Office, Service Center of authorized FedEx shipping location near you. Find FedEx Locations.

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