How to Print a MS Publisher Booklet to a Sharp Copier

People often have problems printing from Microsoft Publisher to their Sharp copier. Sharp likes to do the thinking for you, which is frustrating if you’ve had any kind of desktop publishing experience.

Since this is an issue that comes up frequently with our customers, I included this tutorial in our recent Snacks & Solutions event on color copying. For all of you who couldn’t make the training, I’ll explain how to print a two-sided MS Publisher document (8-1/2-in. by 11-in. program, pamphlet, brochure, etc.) using a Sharp printer.

  1. Open Publisher and select a blank publication.
  2. Go to the file menu and choose “print set-up.”
  3. Under the layout tab, select “custom” and set your width to 5.5 and height to 8.5.
  4. On the printer and paper tab (under paper size), select “invoice” and click OK.
  5. Create a four-page document. Page 1 will be the cover of pamphlet and page 4 will be the back cover.
  6. Make sure you have paper in the Sharp Letter R paper feed drawer.
  7. When you are ready to print, go to the file menu and select “print.”
  8. In the print dialogue box, select “properties” and then select “pamphlet style.”
  9. Then select “Staple – 2 staples.” A Sharp multi-function printer will not put staples in the document if there is only a single two-sided page to print. But, by making this selection, it will fold it for you if you have a saddle-stitch finisher on your copier.

And, presto! You should be able to print a Publisher booklet without any headaches!

By the way, we know lots of little tips and tricks like this. If your business is located near Canton, Akron or Youngstown and you would like to learn how to get the most from your Sharp copiers and printer, contact us.


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