Do more than print.

Implement solutions to better predict costs, increase uptime and enhance security.

Digitally transform your organization with managed print services.

Low-cost color means your business can afford to be more colorful.

  • Reduce costs by gaining visibility and control over your printing technology, assets and supplies.
  • Improve agility by freeing up time for IT and end users to focus on and invest in customers.
  • Increase productivity and accelerate business results with enhanced document workflows.
  • Defend against the latest security threats. Watch this video to learn more about the role managed print services can play in protecting your business.

Learn from real client success stories.

With HP Managed Print Services, organizations like yours reduced imaging and printing costs by up to 30%* while increasing productivity.


When Cancer Treatment Centers of America implemented HP MPS this national network of cancer treatment hospitals:

  • Improved the quality of patient care
  • Staff efficiency enhanced by Digital workflows
  • Improved service levels and printer uptime
  • Saved approximately 2,000 hours of IT staff time
  • Optimized their printer fleet utilizing accurate HP MPS data

HP + Mercury

When Mercury Insurance Group optimized it’s print infrastructure with the integration of HP MPS this top rated property and casualty company:

  • Achieved over 99% uptime and reduced their devices by 50%
  • Established on-ramp to implement digital content management strategy
  • Provided a secure print solution with HP MFP PIN printing
  • Saved $1.3 million over 24 months in contract and per click costs alone

HP + Mercury

When Merck expanded their MPS solution in 2014 to include Pull Printing, workflow capabilities and added OfficeJet Pro Enterprise to it’s fleet it:

  • Increased their security profile
  • Automated workflows
  • Reduced the amount of waste in the environment by 20%
  • Add an ink based technology that is faster, lower cost and ready for the enterprise

HP + Disney

When the entertainment giant Walt Disney Company implemented HP Managed Print Services (MPS) across the organization, it:

  • Reduced its energy use for printing by more than 18 percent
  • Stopped 407,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere over 36 months
  • Reduced the number of devices by 59%

Follow our proven approach.

Get results that increase efficiency and decrease spend.

Our end goal is to formulate and implement an all-encompassing print management solution to help you measure and monitor your organization’s spend on printing and document distribution.

A recent survey from IDC concluded that implementing a managed print services program could result in:

  • 23% average overall cost savings
  • 40% reduction in IT help desk calls
  • 25% cost reduction in consumables
  • 20% decrease in spending for unscheduled maintenance
  • 10% cost reduction in installation and upgrades
  • 5% cost reduction in acquisition

If your organization is still managing its own imaging and printing infrastructure, it’s time to ask some tough questions.

  • Do you have the dedicated resources and expertise needed to capitalize on the types of improvements possible?
  • Is your infrastructure living up to its full information management potential?
  • Are your new technology purchases driving down overall costs—or adding to the confusion?
  • Have you targeted key paper-intensive processes for improvement?
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