What Is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is an overall solution that provides the necessary services required to control your output costs, output in this sense being your paper process which includes copiers and printers. Copeco’s process has been proven to cut anywhere between 10 to 30 percent of current spending! That’s a lot when it comes to saving your business money!

What the Managed Print Services does is analyze costs of ink, toner and paper and offer solutions to lowering their costs. It makes you think of questions and answers that will help your company best to save money. For example – how many printers are you supporting? Perhaps the solution lies in networking your copier so everyone can use it. Do you have a printer that is printing so much you are replacing ink cartridges once a week? Did you know that toner costs are much lower than ink costs?

It really should be called a document management system. From analyzing how your paper is processed in your organization to service on your printers, our Managed Print Services does it all. And the best part is, with our Complete Service Agreement, you’ll never have to buy toner again! We’d say that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate savings.

Managed Print Services Consists Of


Quickly analyzes your current printing system and provides continuous assessment services, reliable maintenance and supply fulfillment and optimal solutions that fits your company. We will look at how many copiers and printers you have and how much actual printing and/or copying is done on this equipment.


Identifies total print expenses and creates a customized cost-per-print plan to help further reduce spending through the uniting of supplies, service and support for all output devices. Remember that printer that you are replacing ink cartridges in once a week? Maybe we can change it or replace it with that saves more and costs less. That’s what this phase is about – looking at each copier or printer and offering better solutions for everyone.


Our innovative technology at Copeco allows us to map out your office and show you how you are using your copiers and printers. We create a floor plan that shows the current location of output devices and compares the results to a floor plan simulation where there would be a more efficient setup designed to improve workflow and productivity. This is where we can offer solutions and where you’ll see your savings improve. In fact, research shows most businesses will save about 30 percent!


Reduce expenses even more by making sure you are using devices that fit your printing, faxing, or copying job best but will still remain cost friendly. Our Complete Printer Service allows you to manage your costs while keeping your business as productive as ever. With Copeco you won’t have to worry about how often you are replacing that toner or who will fix that stubborn printer. We’ll be there to make sure your operation runs smoothly while promising to take care of anything printer, copier, or fax related.

Copeco’s Managed Print Services Solutions And Benefits

With Copeco’s Managed Print Services you can rely on our advanced technical staff to worry about your equipment so you don’t have to. We service laser printers as well as your Sharp copier, fax, and scanner fleet. Copeco’s COP even allows customers to get rid of costly cartridge expenses by converting to a Complete Printer Service program for laser printers that includes all toner, parts, labor and preventative visits in one low per page charge. Copeco’s commitment to excellent and outstanding service applies to our Print Management solution and we offer the same Service Guarantee on all printers under contract.

Types Of Information Collected

Our Managed Print Services protected technology collects critical information from your copiers and printers, such as:

  • Page Counts
  • Power Consumption
  • Trending Reports
  • Toner Levels
  • Device Location Mapping
  • Asset Number
  • Location
  • Device Status
  • Serial Number
  • Maintenance Kit Levels
  • LCD Reading
  • Utilization
  • Device Description
  • Cost per Page Tracking

Printing Costs Are Out Of Control!

How do you calculate your printing costs? Most offices don’t realize all the big and little costs that may be hiding.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions:

  • How many printers, copiers, MFPs do you have?
  • Are they being used too much or not enough?
  • How often are they in need of service?
  • How often are the printers out of toner or ink?
  • How old are they?
  • What is your current meter read submission process?
  • How much IT time is spent supporting printing devices?
  • Do you know how much power your current devices use?
  • How much do you think it costs you to process and pay invoices?

Not knowing the answers to these question can cost you expenses you didn’t even know about!

MPS Offers Solutions!

Copeco is the place for all of your office equipment solutions. Our award-winning service staff are trained to service anything ranging from laser printers to Sharp products like copiers and scanners.

The Copeco’s Cost per Copy program will allow you to eliminate expensive cartridge costs. It is a money saving program that includes all toner, parts, labor and preventive visits in one low per copy charge.

The Copeco Performance Guarantee Program guarantees an emergency response time of four working hours or less. You’ll be thankful down the road you trusted Copeco.

Program Benefits

Copeco will proactively maintain and supply your printing assembly through:

  • Trending Reports
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service Alerts

Reduce the burden on your IT Department so they are free to manage important technology reports and not doing emergency repair work.

Increase the time and savings your company will receive.

Budget For Printing Costs!

Copeco will be able to track the printing devices you have, and how much they are costing you. Meter Collection will now be automated. No more wasting time calling or faxing meter reads!

Optimize Your Printing Environment

Copeco will recommend different actions you can take with your printing assets to save time and money, depending on what works the best for your business.

  • Consolidations Retirements
  • Reallocations Replacements

How Much Can You Save?

A recent survey from IDC concluded that implementing a managed print services program could result in theses incredible savings:

  • 23% average overall cost savings
  • 40% reduction in IT help desk calls
  • 25% cost reduction in consumables
  • 20% cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance
  • 10% cost reduction in installation and upgrades
  • 5% cost reduction in acquisition