The Sharp OSA platform allows us at Copeco to transform your MFP into a customized portal, conveniently available throughout your business. Along with the outstanding Sharp OSA applications, it helps to find solutions that best fit your business needs. Whether it’s managing print and copy costs, archiving critical business records, automating paper-based processes, or simply utilizing your assets to their fullest potential, the Sharp OSA platform can handle it all. If you need flexibility in solutions, our fourth-generation Sharp OSA technology is now available for the Cloud which you can use with local enterprise as well. With a Sharp MFP, you finally have a way to really see your entire enterprise rise up and benefit greatly, with security, convenience and accountability at every turn. Your business matters. That’s why it needs a program that allows information to travel quickly and securely every day. A Sharp MFP allows your business to get the information it needs while being adaptable to let it stand out from all the others. Let the Sharp OSA platform open the door to a new way of increased efficiency in your business today!

Sharp OSA Brochure (PDF download)

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WORRY-FREE, QUICK and EASY is how you should be able to scan and print to your desktop. With the power and flexibility of Sharp OSA technology combined with your Sharpdesk application, scanning and printing can be just that! With the Sharpdesk Connector, your Sharp MFP now becomes a convenient way to incorporate document scans to your desktop or print from your desktop. One of the innovative features they produce is that you can browse your desktop folders right from the MFP to select where you want to store the scanned documents. You are also able to select a stored file from your desktop folders to print. What can be more worry-free, quick and easy than that? The Connector and the Sharpdesk application are a match that was made to be! Get a Sharpdesk connector today and make your Sharp MFP utilize its full potential.

Sharpdesk Connector (PDF Download)

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PaperCut Software started business in 1999 supplying print charge and management software to schools and universities in Australia. Today their groundbreaking and stellar software is used in over 60 countries! PaperCut is environmentally friendly, affordable and will save your company money in the long run. Its programs are designed to minimize paper usage by making everyone accountable for their printing, encouraging double-sided printing and making detailed reports available for viewing, among countless other features. The software is easy to install and operate and will be a major asset in making your business more tech-savy. PaperCut has direct support in the U.S., Authorized Solution Centers across the globe and offers the best in on-line support. It doesn’t stop there. It continues to improve and research its products and programs, making their software constantly up-to-date. Get PaperCut Software for your school, office or business and see what you can save.

PaperCut MF Brochure (PDF Download)

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With over 96 channels, automated routing of faxes to a user’s e-mail or document folder, and increased security of private documents, GoldFax™ is the leading Windows® network Fax Server. DPD International, the makers of GoldFax, offers their services, ranging from small to Fortune 1,000 companies, across the globe. For over 30 years, they have been helping companies save money and hassle with their most popular product. GoldFax will help you cut printing costs, create an easy system to access you documents and files and give your business the quality fax service it deserves. Receive, send, archive and reduce cost with GoldFax.

GoldFax Brochure (PDF Download)

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DocRecord is an extremely helpful and low-cost software program that can manage your documents in a snap. If you need to search and retrieve a document or store important information DocRecord can do all of it and more. An elegant tool, it reduces the headaches of trying to get organized by managing your documents for you with the touch of a button.

DocRecord Brochure (PDF Download)

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DocForm creates personalized and eye-catching promotional and transactional documents available in print or electronically. Whether you need black and white or color, DocForm can adapt to your business needs while remaining creative yet professional.
It is intuitive – with the DocForm Designer attached to each DocForm- and whether you have one document or multiple documents, it enables you to create a small or large project with options in font, size, graphs and charts, images and much, much more.

As well as creating print documents, DocForm also can create electronic documents that others can collaborate on or ones that are personal – documents like eForms, eContracts, and other eDocuments. No matter where you are, from a large headquarters or a small office, you will be able to apply signatures or offer input electronically and route changes and additions to other locations or archive them to a document management system. It’s also easy to install and operate with programs like customer fill-in screens, to automatically create a wide range of supporting documents – for example, a doctor’s or pharmacy’s instruction sheet.

DocForm has the unique programming to be able to merge a wide range of data such as names, addresses, photos, logos, messages, discount coupons, barcodes, calculations, Web links, and more. At the same time, it can merge data from multiple sources such as databases, flat files, print streams, data streams, ERP and CRM programs, the Web, third-party applications, and abductor to create a document that is truly unique but easy to navigate.

By allowing data to be inputted from different devices including signature pads, Tablet PCs, remote PCs, XML, third-party applications, and the Web, DocForm helps your business reduce the cost of printing and run more smoothly than ever before. Have your worries lessen while your project qualities rise! You provide the ideas and let DocForm do the rest.

DocForm Brochure (PDF Download)

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Every organization’s and department’s document processing and printing requirements are different and the makers of DocSystem understands that. You need a program that allows for versatility. That program is DocSystem, which allows the user to build their own document workflow, printing and routing processes based on their individual and unique preferences.

DocSystem is an easy to use system that is rules-based which means that you set whatever rules you create. Once it has them, it can process images, distribute printing and prevent your company from unnecessary spending with no manual work afterwards. No matter how different each company is from another, one thing they can all agree on is saving money. DocSystem can do just that for you.

DocSystem Brochure (PDF Download)

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Drivve’s exceptional document imaging and management solutions support whatever your document needs and are conveniently integrated with any Sharp® MFP. When deployed together, Drivve | Image and Drivve | DM create a powerful force with almost endless possibilities for your company. It blows all other document management softwares out of the water, covering a broad spectrum of whatever your small or medium sized business needs. Drivve is a toolbox that lets you customize your management solutions any way you want. Giving the user the power of choice is perhaps is drivve’s greatest tool.

drivve Brochure (PDF Download)

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If you need to scan to an email (POP3, web based and Exchange), scan to a network folder, or browse/print, you can now do it all from your OSA3 equipped Sharp MFP with unified login! A user friendly system that tells you how to operate it while only needing one-step instructions FileMax is the product you need that is Sharp approved!

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RF IDeas Inc. designs and creates pcProx® Enroll proximity, AIR ID® Enroll contactless smart card and pcSwipe® Enroll magnetic swipe reader solutions that allow building ID cards to have access and identification to multi-function printers. RF Ideas combines security and convenience by utilizing the existing employee ID badge as authentication and to eliminate the need to type or key entry into your printer, saving time and increasing productivity. RF IDeas is a global leader in single badge solutions for access and identification. Not only do they save time, but they also save resources, creating products that are eco-friendly to boot. Have RF Ideas install a magnetic card reader for you today and see how easy it can be to print.

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