Stupid Things People Do with Copiers and Printers

Stupid things people do with copiers and printersThe year 2012 is quickly coming to a close. While you may be committing (or recommitting) to all kinds of New Year’s resolutions – exercising more, eating less, kicking the smoking habit and more – we hope that you’ll also give serious consideration to this one: eliminating abuse of copier and printer machines.

Over the more than three decades we’ve been selling and servicing copiers and printers in Canton, Akron, Toledo and many other Ohio cities, we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. I’ve asked our service technicians to share the strangest (and, in some cases, funniest) things they’ve seen people do with their office equipment. We hope this encourages you to take even better care of your copiers and printers, so that they will take good care of you and your organization in 2013.

Construction Paper, Wall Paper and Printers Don’t Mix

Service tech Mark Rader shares his favorite stories:

Teachers love to be creative – sometimes too creative. I once had a teacher run black construction paper through a copier, thinking the copies would come out darker.

Another teacher cut down wall paper to 8- 1/2″ x 11″ pieces and ran it through the printer. This turned out to be a major problem, as the wall paper was the kind that you wet down and stick. When it went through the printer’s fuser, it wrapped around the roller. Uh oh…

Finally, one of my customers received a fax on thermal paper, which is heat-sensitive paper that’s designed for use in a thermal printer. She decided to run it through the copier to copy something on the back side of it. Surprise, surprise, the paper came out black. Lesson: thermal paper and copiers don’t mix!

Don’t Use Copiers Like a Microwave

Service tech Cory Hartley talks about a sticky situation he once encountered:

Scanner bulbs used to be made with halogen, which gives off heat. (Today, manufacturers use xenon, which remains cool.) A customer with a halogen-bulb scanner called about constant jamming in the document feeder.

The problem was perplexing, but we finally got the customer to admit that one of his employees liked to warm up his doughnuts on the copier glass. Turns out the film from the glazed doughnuts were making it impossible for the feeder to run documents over the glass. Once we cleaned that up, everything worked just fine. But we did wonder where all the photo copies of the doughnuts ended up.

Copiers Don’t Make Good Mousetraps or Condiment Storage

Service manager Ed Brudzinski reports that, on more than one occasion, techs have found mice caught in the gears, which definitely will stop a machine. He says, “Printers are a bad way to catch mice.”

After an office celebration, our service techs discovered mustard and ketchup packets inside a copier. Copiers are also not a good place to store condiments.

Store Your Office Supplies Somewhere Else

Here’s a word of advice from our tech Paul Hull:

Never keep paper clips on the copier or remove staples near a printer. When this stuff falls into a machine it usually results in a service call.

Do you have a funny story to share about how someone at your office has used a copier or printer? Share it with us in the comments below! Happy New Year!

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