Why Paper Matters When It Comes to Quality Printing

Why Quality Printer and Copier Paper Matters

All types of paper have passed through our department, we have seen good quality and really bad quality paper. Some call us paper specialists, but we simply use our senses when looking at paper. We see how it looks when held up to a light, feel the texture, smell it and listen to it when it is shaken. Tasting it is where we draw the line!

There are many differences in paper for printers and copiers. Some papers come from overseas, where the standards are much different than the U.S. What their industry calls 20-pound paper may actually only be 15 pound here. If that is the case, how much paper do you throw away due to jamming? How much paper dust is lying in your machines? How much downtime do you experience due to jamming issues related to the paper?

One of our sales representatives met a lady years ago that thought her copier was a lemon because all it did was jam. When asked what kind of paper she was using, she said it was good quality, but she was only paying $19 per case (again, this was years ago!). We asked her to bring in a few sheets so we could compare. Based on what she told us, we knew what to expect. We held the paper up to the light, and low and behold, she was shocked to see pin holes in her paper. It was actually a 15-pound rice paper. She bought our paper, and her jamming issues disappeared!

What kind of paper do we sell? We sell Vector (which is made in Chillicothe, OH), Hammermill, and a few other specialty papers. Increasing world population has placed stress on our forests. In response, we are now able to offer a paper that is made from eucalyptus called Navigator Office Paper. It is 96% bright, 20 pound and available in 8.5” x 11” size. Eucalyptus is the fastest-growing tree, so it is eco-friendly and may help your machines last longer since it is also the cleanest paper. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy is looking at planting more of these trees in the U.S. for other uses.

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